See Ilumineye DS suite, stand C49, Retail Digital Signage Expo'18, 2 - 3 May, Olympia , London

VXL Software is to exhibit at this year's Retail Digital Signage Expo, 2 - 3 May, Olympia, London in support of its innovative Illumineye DS Suite software solution.

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Illumineye DS suite - A complete digital signage solution from creation to display

Displaying up-to-date information is a key requirement for many businesses. Yet too many digital display systems are expensive, incomplete or require professional skills. Illumineye DS suite, from VXL Software, is a complete digital signage solution that's inexpensive, powerful and very easy to use.

Create, using Illumineye Creator

Illumineye Creator is a Windows-based application which allows you to design your digital signage. Its been developed with people like you in mind and you don't need to be a professional graphic designer to use it. And yet, Illumineye Creator is very powerful and able to incorporate just about any kind of media into your digital signage (including video, images, text, audio, tickers, RSS feeds, plus feeds from webcams, You-tube, Flickr & Twitter, QR codes, Office documents, Adobe Flash files and more). Arranging your content is easy, using a choice of professional component styles, landscape and portrait templates, you can quickly apply advanced formatting options, such as shadow, transparency, rotation and reflection.

Schedule and manage, with Illumineye DS Manager

Your Illumineye digital displays are driven by powerful, low-cost, energy-efficient media players which are controlled remotely via VXL Software's  Illumineye DS Manager software. You can schedule content to be displayed at specific times, with defined intervals, repetitions and much more and, of course, roll out changes with ease. In addition to this, you can generate reports detailing playlist approvals and more.

Play, using Illumineye Media Players

Illumineye's dedicated software media players, IQ-L (HD 720p) and IQ-B series (Full HD 1080p or 4K resolution), display your content on the screen panels of your choice. Illumineye media players are built to integrate with Illumineye Creator and Illumineye DS Manager working together, they deliver a powerful, complete, digital signage solution.

For use in all industry applications

Illumineye DS Suite is a highly versatile and flexible digital signage solution and represents the ideal partner for retail, transport, restaurant, leisure, healthcare, financial and public sector environments to name but a few.